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The practical application of Suspension of Disbelief first appeared in visual arts and is often used in movies nowadays. How many impossible things is the audience willing to overlook to be entertained? Every time something impossible makes its way across the screen and the audience accepts it, suspension of disbelief has taken place.


The short film tells the story of 31-year-old Telly Sanders who is madly in love with Valerie, a very attractive woman. They seem to be the perfect couple. That changes when Sam, Telly's childhood friend enters their lives and throws their love off track.

As a young boy Telly had to witness his mother cheating on his father and he wasn't able to do anything about it. The unavoidable divorce affected him deeply. His mother left the family and never returned.






Once again the past has caught up to Telly and he has to relive it. He catches Valerie and Sam at the cafe, getting home after work and later in bed. Instead of approaching them about it, he decides to wait. But for too long...


After a while it becomes too much for him to deal with and jealousy drives him insane. In his blind rage he kidnaps Sam to get the truth out of him. Telly wants to know Sam's reasons for doing something like that. Initially he stays silent, ignoring Telly's threats. With the growing pressure he admits to not only knowing Valerie but having had a relationship with her.

Anger overtakes Telly and he throws himself onto Sam. It ends in a tragic accident with Sam motionless on the floor, blood flowing from his head.

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Telly finds Sam's journal that takes him back to the moments where his blind jealousy first appeared. He has to learn that this jealousy has clouded his perception and he only saw what he wanted to see. But what really happened?

© 2008. All rights reserved. Property of Chispa Productions, LLC. Drawings by Chris Meesey.