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3. October 2010 On Saturday, October 1st 2010 Suspension of Disbelief will be screened at Kino Krone in Burgdorf at 11 PM as part of the Burdgdorfer Kulturnacht.

For more information:

10. September 2010

Soon Suspension of Disbelief will be available to the whole world. We successfully found several distributors bringing the short to theaters, TV, DVD and even on board of different avation companies, available on demand. Soon we'll have more information for you.

At the same time the DVD will be soon availabe for purchase through Amazon.

20. April 2010 On Friday May 21st, 2010 we will celebrate the Grison's Premiere at the Kino Apollo in Chur.

Everyone is invited. The premiere will be part of Swissfilms' Kurzfilmnacht Tour 2010.

15. March 2010 Suspension of Disbelief will be screening on April 11th, 2010 at the Sacramento Film Festival.

Matthias Zimmermann, our composer, will be present at the festival.

5. December 2009

Today, we successfully screened the film twice to a sold out theater in Lucerne. It's been great. Thanks again to the amazing audience.

27. November 2009 And the winner is...

This time I have some great news. Suspension of Disbelief has participated at two festivals on the weekend of Novemeber 14th/15th. And here is the result.

1. Place at the 15th International Videograndprix 2009 in Lichtenstein winning an additional special price in the category "fiction".

2. Place at the XXS - Kurzfilmfestival in Dortmund, Germany. You can find more information on

What an exciting weekend!!!

Also as a quick info. All seats of the 5 PM show on Saturday the 5th are gone. We're still accepting reservation for the 3.30 PM screening.

12. November 2009 On December 5th 2009 we will be celebrating the Official Swiss Premiere of Suspension of Disbelief at the Stattkino in Lucerne. We are aiming for two screenings:

3.30 PM und 5 PM

Starting today, we're accepting reservations. Only with a reservation you'll be guaranteed a seat at the theater. Please send an email to Don't wait for too long, seats are going fast...

All investors and sponsors have a seat guaranteed but still need you to RSVP via email.

7. November 2009 Suspension of Disbelief was selected as one of the 10 best shortfilms out of a pool of more than 200 entries and will be competing at the XXS Dortmunder Kurzfilmfest in Germany. The festival takes place on Saturday November 14th 2009.
30. Oktober 2009 On November 14th Suspension of Disbelief will be participating at the Videograndprix in Lichtenstein.
24. Oktober 2009 Today Suspension of Disbelief is competing against dozens of other short films at the Konstanzer Kurzfilmspiele in Germany.

The film is celebrating a big successful Germany premiere in front of a huge crowd of film fans.

05. September 2009 Yupee, the film made it into Filmfestival Thunersee. SoD is can be seen in the competitive program "Wellenreiter" on September 19th at the Alten Oele in Thun.
June 8th 2009
The updated Teaser Trailer is online in 720p HD!
June 4th 2009
The webpage is undergoing a big update. Due to the project being completed, many of the videos and pictures used during the financing process will be migrated to the Chispa Productions page.

The donation section will stay online, any financial support is still greatly appreciated.

May 29th 2009
Suspension of Disbelief is officially completed.

DVD/Bluray mastering and subtitling is in progress and once completed, copies will be sent out to all supporters.

May 15th 2009
Director Andy Attenhofer will be in Cannes, France from May 15th until the 17th. He will be representing Suspension of Disbelief that is being screened at the Short Film Corner, part of the famous Festival de Cannes.
April 19th 2009
Getting close... The film is almost done...

I'm proud to announce that we are going to have the World Premiere of Suspension of Disbelief the coming Sunday, April 26th in Hollywood at the Engine Theater.

January 16th 2009 A Happy New Year to all of you!

After a short break some news about the project and the fourth album is finally ready and posted. Have fun!

We are entering the final stages of post production. The cut of the film is picture locked and Matthias is finalizing the score while Andreas Moeckli our latest addition to the team will be creating the sound design for the film in February.

We also have thirdeye design group, one of the leading design companies on the US east coast finalizing the company intro plus the credit sequence of the film. Some CG enhancement is planned and of course we still have color grading ahead of us.

So as you can see, lots of things are happening that keep me busy. The end is near, though :-) And I can't wait to show the final cut to all of you.

November 23rd 2008
The third album is online.
November 16th 2008
The word of the day is "picture lock". The cut is done and won't be changed anymore. Now we will concentrate on effects, sound design, music, titles and color timing.
October 27th 2008
The second album with pictures from the shoot are online.
October 16th 2008
I'm in Switzerland applying for some additional grants.
October 4th 2008
The teaser trailer is online. Have fun!
September 25th 2008
Unfortunately we went really over budget and that's why I'm calling again for your support. Soon I'll have a teaser trailer ready so you can get a better idea of the film. There are already many pictures online and updated information about the project.

I'll be posting more pictures each new week.

Thank you again for all your help!

September 19th 2008
After working through two days and nights the rough cut for the Sundance Film Festival is ready. I'm on the way to deliver the freshly burnt Blu-ray to their Wilshire office. I hope not to fall asleep behind the wheel.

Let's keep our fingers crossed!

September 5th 2008
The first rough cut is done and starting today, Matthias Zimmermann will be working on the score. One of the most exciting parts of filmmaking!

August 27th 2008
No break and post starts right away. I'm starting to work on the rough cut today.

August 25th 2008
That's a wrap! We did it! The film is in the can, or nowadays on the harddrive. After I returned all the equipment (not really the usual thing for a director but the budget forced us to...) I finally got to bed after being up for almost 48 hours.

August 24th 2008
Fifth and last day (night) of shooting. And by far the most difficult and dangerous one. Tonight we shot all the car stunt scenes. Thank god stunt coordinator Tony was overviewing everything. It felt like a big Hollywood movie :-)

August 23rd 2008
Fourth day of principal photography. After three pretty stressful day it felt good to have some more space in the schedule. But the police almost shut us down thanks to a neighbor complaining.

August 22nd 2008
Third day of shooting, again at the house at Topanga Canyon.

August 21st 2008
Second day of principal photography. Today, or I have to say tonight we were at a house in Topanga Canyon. We officially switched to nights now, shooting from 6 PM to 6 AM.

August 20th 2008
First day of shooting. We were in the Burbank hills for the exterior shoot of a restaurant scene. Everything went well. We would have loved to have one hour more sunlight... but thankfully we were able to cheat it with studio lighting.

Here are a few pictures.

August 19th 2008
The quiet before the storm... well, not really. So many things to do. One more last minute rehearsal with the two main characters.

August 18th 2008
Today we had the socalled "tech scout". The crew visits all the locations to discuss lighting, complications and so on...

Last minute, we decided to shoot Sam's apartment at our house instead of the planed location. All the painting for nothing... It gets worse. Now our house has to be painted, too.

August 17th 2008
And the final rehearsal with the cast. In three days we're starting to shoot.

August 16th 2008
The motto for today is painting. To make character Sam's apartment a little bit more interesting, we decided to paint the visible walls in a different color. The paint is called "painted turtle" :-)

August 14th 2008
Finally we found the cinematographer for the project. After many different ones Craig Kief is our DP. We are happy to welcome him to our team.

August 13th 2008
Today was an interesting day. Besides the second rehearsal with the cast we also organized a photoshoot with Alexis and Harry for the pictures to be seen in the opening sequence of the film. A day with a lot of fun!

August 7th 2008
Today we have the "table read" with the whole cast. In other words we are reading through the script and make the necessary changes to the dialogue so it'll flow naturally.

August 4th 2008
And the last decision is made, we found our Val. You can find more information about Alexis on the cast page.

July 29th 2008
The decision is made, with the exception of the part of "Val", we'll have another call back. Here you can find more info on the actors.

July 22nd 2008
And another 30 actors were trying out for the three main parts today. On Saturday we're going to have a call back to see our favorites again. Out of the 80 actors we've seen, we are going to call back about 15. Afterwards I'll make my decision.

July 20th 2008
The actors are so talented here in LA, it's amazing. Still we would like to see a few more before making a decision. That's why we are going to have another audition on Tuesday.

July 19th 2008
We had about 1400 actors that submitted themselves to audition for our film. We picked about 50 from the pool and they're going to audition for us today.

July 14th 2008
We're currently scouting locations in and around Los Angeles. Not always an easy process. On Saturday we will be casting for the film.
July 3rd 2008
We're happy to report that we found a producer for the project. We welcome Richard Dubin on board and are looking forward to working with him.
June 25th 2008
The English web page is online.
June 23rd 2008
The donation page is online, thank you so much for your support.
June 21st 2008
The German web page is online.
June 12th 2008
The 4th draft of the script is ready. The construct is pretty much done even though the story is still slightly changing.
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