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The Team
The Crew
Andy Attenhofer, Writer, Director and Executive Producer

Andy Attenhofer was born in Thusis, GR, Switzerland and was already early on interested in telling stories. He made his first steps as a filmmaker on his mother's Super8 camera. When he was 15-years-old, he shot his first narrative film in a school camp and since then making films has become his life. That's why he left Switzerland in 2002 to study film at Ai Miami International University for three years. He was not only elected to direct one of the four thesis films the university shoots every year but his film „Paparazzi“ was awarded best film of the year and Andy received the award for best director. He graduated in 2005 Summa Cum Laude as the Valedictorian of the year, receiving honors in film.

His first independent short „My Struggle“ he realized with Peter Bean, a close friend from film school. This film was able to open quite a few door for the two since it was screened in many film festivals around the world, winning the „Global Art Film Festival“ in 2006.

In November 2007 he had the honor of receiving the Cultural Sponsorship Award of Canton Graubünden, his home state, for his achievements in film.

After spending two year in Switzerland writing, Andy is back in Los Angeles to shoot his new project "Suspension of Disbelief". Not only Andy’s cultural background, but also his childhood shaped him and turned him into the dedicated person he is today. In his opinion, creating movies, telling a story, capturing people’s imagination as well as inviting people to escape their everyday lives and share dreams with them are among the greatest things in life.




Peter Bean, Executive Producer

Peter Bean is from Minnesota where he learned early the important elements of storytelling and producing through the states world renowned performing arts theatre. There he also developed his own voice and sense of raw creativity through his writing.

In his travels which ultimately led him to Los Angeles he's grown a keen mind for story telling through filmmaking. His stories introduce people to characters and worlds uniquely his.

His creative standards in directing is as equally high. His calm and patient personality brimming with enthusiasm and tender toughness is something his peers love about him. The story may be perfectly solid, but he knows execution is key.

With execution comes careful planning which is why producing a film is second nature to him. He knows what it takes to prepare a film and "Suspension of Disbelief" is no different. Like his colleague Andy Attenhofer he feels this film needs to be elevated to the standards they both hold in telling a story.

- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Jazzman (2004)
- Mary's Secret (2003)





Richard J. Dubin, Producer

Richard has been involved in the film industry for over fifteen years, forming CrossCut Films, Inc. and maintaining an office at Universal Studios Florida in the 1990’s.

He began in photography, shooting for magazines and winning awards for his showcased work. He then wrote, produced, directed and edited his first film, and subsequently partnered with Dan Myrick of ‘Blair Witch’ fame.

He is a member of the Director’s Guild and recently has produced ‘The Last Will’, which was showcased at Cannes and is being distributed worldwide by Quantum Entertainment, and ‘Expecting Love’, a romantic comedy produced in association with the Polish film company that collaborated on ‘Schindler’s List’ and ‘Proof of Life’ receiving a ‘Silver Ticket’ award as producer.

Besides producing film projects, Richard is an accomplished writer in various genres.

Since 2007, Richard is co-producing SkitRowTV, a comedy project currently being developed for Film and Television.

- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Commentary (2008)
- Expecting Love (2008)
- Polly and Marie (2007)
- The Last Will (2005)



Evelyn Riedi, Co-Producer, Switzerland

Evelyn Riedi entered the film industry by taking over Flori-Videoproduktion in 2004. Since then she’s responsible for administration, editorial department, and production in numerous projects. Her business philosophy is to produce quality and deliver a product to the complete satisfaction of the client. Her unique goal is to create cultural contemporary documents and to support social communication.

- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Mifa - Food Produktion (2008)
- LRF - Die Nabelschnur zur Welt (2007)
- SteinReich, über Robert Ralston (2007)
- Domleschg, Lebensraum - Lebenstraum (2006)
- Nova Scotia und seine Einwanderer (2004)




Matthias Zimmermann, Composer

Matthias Zimmermann completed his studies in organ, piano and harpsichord at the
Musikhochschule in Lucerne, Switzerland. In 1992, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue his passion of creating powerful music for film. He graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music’s Film Scoring Department two years later.

During his Berklee years, Matthias was chosen to intern at a busy film music editing studio in Los Angeles. This experience gave him valuable insight into working with directors as well as practical knowledge of music editing in the post production phase. In 1996, Matthias relocated his home studio permanently to California and established himself as a composer, orchestrator and conductor. That same year he received the Henry Mancini Fellowship Prize at the Cinemusic International Music and Film Festival in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Highlights of Matthias’s work include the musical score to the feature film “Exklusiv”, recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra; two commissioned compositions for live theater, which he conducted in summer performances with chamber orchestras; and conducting and composing liturgical music for several choirs.

Matthias’s love of film and music lead him to volunteer to work on a feature film musical score archiving project at Paramount Pictures, sponsored by the Society for the Preservation of Film Music. He is also an active member of the Society for Composers & Lyricists.

- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Magic of the Maries (2002)
- Exklusiv (1999)
- Up to new Grounds (1995)





Craig Kief, Director of Photography

Craig Kief began his career in the lighting department of a community theater at the age of 13. He discovered early on his passion for telling stories with light. In fact, everything started at an early age for him - he worked on his first film (a WB feature) when he was 17, held a job as an AVID editor at 19, gaffed his first feature at 20, and shot his first feature film just before graduating from the Florida State University film school at the age of 22.

Craig transitioned into a career as a gaffer in Los Angeles, working on over a dozen features, and 150+ commercials, all while continuing to develop his director of photography skills on the side. Now, as a full time DP, he has lensed dozens of commercials and promos, many music videos, 3 features, and several television shows. His body of work is very eclectic, award winning, and some of it can be viewed at

Commercial clients include: Walt Disney Studios, Hyundai, Hitachi, Amnesty International, Heinz, Thor Motocross

Music Videos include: Papa Roach, H.I.M., Take That, The Shins, Jacks Mannequin, AnnaSophia Robb

- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Miss Nobody (2009)
- Turn It UP! (2009)
- Disney Movie Surfers (TV - 2008)
- Fathers of the Sport (2008)




Sophia Coronado, Special Effects Make-Up

Sophia Coronado was born in Honduras, but traveled and studied all over the world. Her multi-cultural background has served her creativity well in the field of special make up effects and speciality costume design.

Her background is in business and advertising but she has always had a passion for movies and effects since she was little. After studying make up special effects techniques in Los Angeles she found her calling and her talents were discovered
quickly as she worked on such films as M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening" and the upcoming "GI Joe" movie to name a few.

Her drive and passion for her craft is ever present. Even in the most dire situations she finds a way to get the job done. She considers it an adventure and challenge to get
the best elusion possible. When she achieves this the transition between effects and reality is seamless that the audience does not know it took place.

She joined the crew of "Suspension of Disbelief" because she believes in her fellow filmmakers and knows she can help in the storytelling process with her unique talents.

- Legion (2009)
- G.I. Joe (2009)
- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)





Christian Meesey, Storyboard Artist

Christian Meesey is a prolific graphic novelist, painter and storyboard artist born in St. Louis, Missouri. His craft has taken him to the many art hubs of the US including Miami and now Los Angeles where he works on his latest graphic novel Motely part 1 and 2.

His talents have been implemented in visualizing countless independent films. His colleagues consider his artistic eye vital to the pre-visualization of their projects.
Since Suspension of Disbelief requires a lot of visualization, Chris is an important element to the crew of this film.

Visit Chris' home page to see more of his work.


- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Motley II (2007)
- Motley I (2006)




Michael Althaus, EPK Director

Michael Althaus, has moved from Switzerland to America about a year ago to pursue his goal of becoming a filmmaker.

He is currently studying at Santa Monica College where he got elected Vice President of the SMC Filmmakers Association. After the completion of his general studies, he hopes to transfer to USC to get a degree in filmmaking. Some of his film projects can be found on

Andreas Moeckli, Sound Designer

Andreas Moeckli, born in Chur, Switzerland, has been working as a musician, composer, sound designer and sound recordist for over 15 years. After spending his childhood in Chur, he studied at the School of Jazz in Zürich und St. Gallen and graduated with a degree in sound design. He's been working as a musician and sound designer ever since.

His later studies led him to Australia (2004-2005) where he received a diploma in "recording arts" in 2005. At the same time Andreas was fascinated by the Southeast-Asian music culture and studied at the Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

Through a research project he travelled to Singapore and later on to England, where he achieved an “Honours Degree of Recording Arts” at the Middlesex University in London.


- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Das Gauklermaerchen, Musical, Switzerland (2008)
- MIFA (Migros) Foodproduction, Switzerland (2008)
- Duos jà Lotta, Warner Bros, Switzerland (2007)
- Via Spluga, Switzerland (2006)
- Beach House, Australia (2005)




Guido Baechler, Post-Producer

Guido Baechler was born in Lucerne, Switzerland and started a career in business management. In 1993 he married Monika and moved to the Sunshine State (FL), where he first worked inside “Corporate America”.

During that time he was introduced into the television and movie business and early 2000’s Guido found himself in the middle of smaller television productions, documentary movies and post production adventures. Working on the creation of HBO’s acclaimed “Entourage” and partnering with EPL Productions, which is known for many Universal Studio’s Orlando productions, The Mummy Ride and Disney productions. Soon after Guido started the Jeridoo Enterprises with his own production capabilities in Canada, United States, Europe and Australia.

His greatest skills are visualizing dreams and creating the “impossible” projects with almost unmatched organizational skills.

- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Bodmer’s Journey (2009)
- Universal’s Horror Nights (2003)
- Hardbodz Series (2002)
- Radio Flyer (2002)
- Boiler Room (2000)





The Cast
Harry Lang, "Telly"

Harry Lang, born in northern California, has lived and worked all over the United States and Europe. He moved to Los Angeles a few years ago after working in the tech industry, living abroad and acting in local theater to follow his dream of becoming an actor.

He has landed parts in several short films and television, but considers the experience and bond with the cast and crew of "Suspension of Disbelief" among the best. His previous credits include the films "Bad Touch" (2007)", "Conditional" (2007) and "Back to Zero" (2006) and the television episode "First Command" (2006) as Fred Franks for the Military Channel. He currently studies acting in the senior advanced class of Tony Savant at Playhouse West in North Hollywood where he continues to better his craft.

His next project is a feature titled "Truth Never Lies", produced by Revolve Entertainment, which should begin production in October.

- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Bad Touch (2007)
- Conditional (2007)
- Back to Zero (2006)
- First Command (2006)




Brent Bailey, "Sam"

Born in Tuscon, Arizona on July 4, 1983, Brent Bailey came to Los Angeles in 2005 to pursue an acting career. Prior to the move, Bailey graduated from Desert Mountain High School in 2001 and went on to attend DeVry University- Arizona where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Business.

Once in L.A., Bailey appeared in various projects for MTV (2006), before landing the lead role in the Rascal Flatt’s music video, “Take Me There,” which won the Country Music Television Award for "Group Video of the Year" (2008). In that same year, Bailey ‘partied in the elevator’ in his first national television commercial for Taco Bell, with a second national spot for Hertz following just a few months later.

Bailey is slated to star in the online show, “Leaving Bliss” (2008) and the short film, “Suspension of Disbelief” (2008). Before becoming a full-time actor, Bailey worked as a computer programmer and managed his local Blockbuster.

Written by: Shana Glick

- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Leaving Bliss Webisodes (2008)
- Hertz National Commercial (2008)
- Taco Bell National Commercial (2008)
- Rascal Flatt Music Video "Take Me There" (2007)




Alexis Boozer, "Val"

Alexis Boozer holds a BA in Drama from Stanford University where she won the Evelyn M. Draper Prize for Performance. In her four years at Stanford she appeared in over 30 theatre and film productions including "The Blue Room", "Killer Joe (Sharla)", "Tape (Amy)", "Dutchman (Lula)".

As a founding member of Mad Th8r, she performed in "Death and the Maiden (Paulina)", and "No Exit (Estelle)" throughout London and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

San Francisco theatre credits include: "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", "No Exit" and "Hamlet". She received additional training at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and from Meisner-trained John Desiderio.

She has appeared in a number of regional and national commercials and several independent feature films including: "Life Noir", "The Confessional", "No Greater Love". She is a company member with the highly-regarded City Garage theatre in Santa Monica and continues to star as "Amber Turnipseed" on the hit web series "Break a Leg".

- No Greater Love (2009)
- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- The Confessional (2008)
- Break A Leg (2007)




Scott Conley, "Jack"

Scott Conley first discovered the acting bug in 1995, and he hasn't stopped since. He has been in over a dozen stage productions, from comedies by Neil Simon, to the musical Guys and Dolls. He has a BA in Theatre and Communications from Samford University, and in recent years has seamlessly transitioned from stage to screen.

Highlights of his screen career so far include 2003's Wonderland opposite Val Kilmer and Kate Bosworth, to more recent stints on Passions, History Channel, and new network Reelz Channel. You may also recognize Scott from several national commercials for products like KFC and Discovery Channel.

Scott currently lives and works in Los Angeles with his wife.

- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- House M.D.(2009)
- Passions/NBC (2006)
- Making 'Space Nazi' (2006)
- Shot from the Sky (2004)




Suzan Brittan, "Mary"

Suzan Brittan got her BFA at Ithaca College in Upstate NY in Music, Vocal Performance and Acting.

She moved to Los Angeles to pursue singing, song writing and acting. She has sung with Prince, Luther Vandross, Bebe Winan, No Doubt, Shaggy, MeatLoaf and other big named singing stars.

Suzan most recently guest starred with a recurring role in "THE CLEANER" on A&E. She was also in "24", "THE CLOSER" and had a co-lead in a film, which just got accepted into the Hollywood Film Festival called, "RECRUITED". At the Palm Springs International Film Festival she starred in a film that won 3rd out of 318 films called "DIRTY MAGAZINES".

Currently she is cast as the lead in a short film called, "FARISHTEH" about an Iranian woman who is a documentary filmmaker. The film is slated to be shot this October.

- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Farishteh (2008)
- Dirty Magazines (2007)
- Recruited (2007)




Hunter Clary, "Telly (Age 10)"

Hunter Clary, 11, began working as a baby doing print work and commercials in South Florida.

He transitioned into the acting world booking his first theatrical audition, the lead role of "Jack Billings" in the 20th Century Fox sequel "Transporter 2". He followed with a lead in the CBS Movie "Snow Wonder" opposite Jennifer Esposito ("Crash", "Samantha Who?"). Now calling California home, he has continued working on numerous Film and Television shows including, "The Nine" (ABC), "Monk" (USA), "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) and "Meet the Spartans" (20th Century Fox).

Hunter was excited to have been included in the cast for "Suspension of Disbelief" and thankful to have learned so many things from such a great director and amazing cast.

Hunter is represented by Innovative Artists Break Out Talent Division (LA) - 310-656-5100.

- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Meet the Spartans (2008)
- Enchanted (2007)
- Monk (2007)
- The Nine (2007)
- The Transporter 2 (2005)




Jaclyn Ferber, "Bridget"

Jaclyn Ferber was born in London, England, raised in Houston, TX, and recently relocated to Los Angeles after several years in New York. She holds a BBA w/fashion concentration from Parsons School of Design in NYC. She also trained at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute while attending Parsons and returned to acting in NY after a stint in the business world a couple of years ago.

She has appeared in several independent films such as "Para-Normal" and "On Second Thought" which recently won a Bronze Remi in romantic comedy at the 41st WorldFest Houston International Film Festival. Highlights in her career also include appearances in several TV shows such as Six Degrees, The Black Donnelly's, and a lifelong background in dance performance.

Currently studying at the Lesly Kahn studio and represented by Pantheon Talent - 310 201 0120.

- Suspension of Disbelief (2009)
- Para-Normal (2007)
- On Second Thought (2007)
- The Black Donnellys (2007)




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